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Rickey Paul Getwood, Jr is a Professional Fitness Trainer, Awareness Coach, Drummer and Author of the best-selling book, “Reprogram Your Happiness.” Rickey has taken communities by storm with his captivating aura of happiness, high-energy inspirations, and life-altering awareness messaging.  Affectionately coined with the name, “Mr. Happy,” Rickey’s story and coaching sessions continue to impact hundreds of individuals all across the world.

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Reprogram Your Happiness

Reprogram Your Happiness is a story of Rickey Getwood, Jr., who is most noted for his positive attitude and optimistic view on life. As he shares his personal stories of the constant mental torments and nightmares challenged by adverse situations, he will guide you in how being aware of your motivations and the power of your choices can help you make better decisions towards a truly happy existence.

“Life doesn’t get easier; we just get better at dealing with it.” – Rickey Getwood, Jr.

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