“I can’t thank Rickey enough he has helped me become stronger from a injury I have been dealing with for 2 years. The life coaching sessions truly have helped me a lot with how I think about food, weight, and life all in general. I wouldn’t trade training with Rickey for anything. Rickey tells me all the time once you find your nitch (this includes food as well) stick to it why change something’s that’s working great for you. And that is how I feel about my personal training with Rickey Getwood it’s very therapeutic. Thank you so much trainer Rickey for making me better and helping me grow in areas I to didn’t know I needed growth in.”


Audrey Cuellar

“This has been the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had with a counselor/ life coach. This coaching has turned my life around in just a matter of a month and I can’t be more happy to say it was all due to uplifting of Mr. Getwood. Such an awesome soul full of wisdom and understanding. His teachings make you realize that it’s not so bad after all. They help you put life in a order that you understand. So, when you see confusion, frustration, depression, and anxiety creeping up you will have the tools you need to tackle them right away. I’ve said all that to say I recommend this guy to anyone in need of a relief. Once again thank you Rickey.”


Justin Brown

“Rickey is an amazing trainer and can help you accomplish your goals as he did with my wife and I!”


Shak L

“My first session with Ricky was Absolutely informative, Inspiring and motivating. He was able to get me to answer the hard questions concerning myself which allowed me to at myself differently and set achievable goals that I plan to attain. I am looking forward to working with him and seeing my ending result. Thank You Coach Ricky! ?”


Cynthia Batiste

“I have known Rickey for about a year. He has been our personal trainer and good friend. During this time he has changed my life. I would often tease him about being similar to a pastor because he would be the reason why people changed their lives. Not only did he help me lose a tremendous amount of weight, but through his workout program he became a motivator in the way I approached life.


Rickey has shown me that similar to losing weight life itself works in the same manner. You have to put in work in order to achieve the goals you want. You have to push yourself at times even when you don’t feel like it to achieve the results you want. I know that life itself will present many challenges, but similar to wanting to lose weight you have be persistent and dedicated to changing your life and feeling better about yourself. As you begin to reach your goals you begin to build confidence in yourself. Once you reach your goal/weight you appreciate the fact that you know it was because there was someone n your life pushing you to become better.


This is what Rickey does. He pushes you to create a better life for yourself and feel better about yourself. Rickey becomes your accountability partner. He is the reason why I stayed active during this COVID-19 pandemic. Rickey was that voice in my ear telling me not to go back to where I was. He showed me that it’s much easier to maintain than it is to start all over again. I believe that his purpose in life is to help us to provide a better and healthier way of living.”


Kevin Barber

“It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Getwood. He provides helpful, real-time coaching advice that has encouraged me to work toward my goals!”


Lucretia DeFlora